They’re British, and they’re back, almost turning inside out for another silver film.

Much of the original cast and crew of the beloved TV series Downton Abbey, centered around a fictional mansion owned by aristocratic Crowley, has returned to the second round.

Virtually all of the major players in the legendary franchise are on hand, with the exception of Henry, whose actor Matthew Hood was concerned about the new limited series Paramount + “Offer.”

Director Simon Curtis, who proved his perfection ten years ago with My Week with Marilyn, led the royal film Downton Abbey: A New Era. By this point, Curtis had earned a place among confident, imperfect masters.

The initial premise is a film in the film, about 1928: while members of the Crowley clan visit the south of France to get a bequeathed house, their eponymous fortress is the setting of the film, whose film crew eventually needs the help of residents and servants.

Ahead and in the center, deservedly, is the widow of Violet Crowley (Maggie Smith), who has been informed that she is entitled to a mansion in Villa Rockabella. The gift given to the Frenchman, with whom she was friends about half a century ago, causes a storm in the teapot among many participants.

He also planted four squares among the process: Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), keeping an eye on her until Henry was gone; Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), whose health is only exacerbated by the stress that Robert (Hugh Bonville) is going through while thinking about his biological father.

Laura Haddock and Dominic West – fresh faces – like visiting Hollywood stars of silent pictures – who excite their own mini-dramas.

It would not have been “Downton Abbey” without Jim Carter, who returned with untouched significance in the role of Mr. Carson, the undisputed butler, whose duties include escorting the elite to France. (It is better to warn them: the British are coming.)

Among the secret love interests will be the lion’s share of plots, one of which should not be called plausible. Several old men are coming; they will not all be smoothed out by Curtis ’tendency towards tight control.

As the purist show already knows: Downton’s productions are well played, polished, well dressed. This is a period of time that bypasses typical tricks when they are described as bookish and stuffy.

Anyone who loves the conveniences of the series should feel proper after the latest version on the big screen is over in two hours. Delicious to eat.

Elizabeth McGovern, center, as Corey Grantham and Laurie Carmichael, right, as Lady Edith Hexham in “Downton Abbey: A New Era.”

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