“Offer”, a limited series Paramount +, the sixth episode of which was scheduled to air on Thursday night, is a vivid but tragic picture of how the bestseller “The Godfather” became a legendary franchise.

The first episode of Enterprise – which also airs on Amazon Prime Video – is perhaps the worst of all because it tries too hard, ending in a staggering crack. Among the pedantic peers of the debut show is that the thug advises his cohort to “leave the cannoli” (a similarly quoted phrase occurs in the original film).

As created by Michael Tolkien, “Proposal” is fascinating if it does not show trivial plots and amateur tricks.

Al Raddy (star Miles Teller), a disgruntled corporate programmer, carves out his Hollywood niche by creating the sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes” and then arranging a key meeting with the ardent Robert Evans (the exalted Matthew Hood).

Soon, things are going the way Raddy did: he marries a secular Françoise (Nora Arneseder), hires an experienced secretary (Juno Temple) and is commissioned to translate the bestseller “The Godfather” into a film. Easier said than done given the reaction of Italian leaders.

Additional key players: Dan Fogler – an unusual match in the role of director Francis Ford Coppola; Giovanni Ribisi with a voice similar to Wolfman Jack’s voice, and a straightened face, depicts the insincere mafia boss Joe; while Patrick Gala embodies diabetic and pepper author Mario Puzo, who wants to star in the film adaptation: “I was born to write this screenplay.”

As the eponymous don of the film franchise, Justin Chambers makes a solid incarnation of Marlon Brand; Less plausible is the profane look of Frank John Hughes to Frank Sinatra, who said during a fight with a Puzo fan: “I can’t choose my fans.”

Completing the central casting are young Al Pacino (Anthony Hippolyta), frugal tycoon Paramount (Bern Gorman) and his foot soldier (unconvincing Colin Hanks).

Obvious parallels are drawn between the underworld of organized crime and the organized capitalism of Hollywood. It would seem that every second scene in the “Proposal” includes money, budget, financial support – you know.

The project also has no shortage of internal references to other Paramount productions, most notably Chinatown, Love Story and Escape. Such as Ali McGraw, Robert Redford and Anne-Margret, are presented here and there, as if illuminating the star-studded facade of Tinseltown.

The dialogue throughout the “Suggestions” is apt. No doubt your ears will come alive when Rudy claims to be making an “ice-blue horror movie about the people you love”.

Other scenes, however, can make you dizzy. Take it or leave it.

Miles Teller played Ella Raddy in the film “Proposal”, which is broadcast on Paramount +.


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