Local farmers say fuel prices directly affect their operating costs.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Rising gas prices are now flowing down to your products. Our local farmers say fuel prices directly affect their operating costs.

Dylan Goodman of Goodman Farms in Mount Gilead specializes in pork, beef and lamb and says he is working hard to fight rising fuel prices that are falling to the cost of food.

Two years ago, Goodman said he sued to pay $ 3.50 a cent for a bushel of corn to feed his animals, but now he pays double, about $ 7 a bushel. Goodman also says fertilizers are at the highest level.

“Fertilizers used to cost 250-300 tons, now about 750-900 tons,” Goodman said.

Between the high cost of fertilizer and refueling his truck to transport meat to local farmers markets, Goodman says that to keep his costs affordable to his customers, he eats up some extra running costs.

“I don’t want the label to shock any of our consumers and valued customers,” says Goodman. “I eat some of the costs because I know it’s not easy for anyone right now.”

Seunki Lee, an agricultural economist at Ohio State University, says we are dealing not only with rising gas prices, but also with supply chain problems with the Russian-Ukrainian war. Lee says that Ukraine accounts for about 15% of world wheat production, and the problem is to withdraw these supplies.

Because of the set of problems, Lee says the price won’t go down until the end of this year.

Lee recommends planning a budget before going to the grocery store, using apps for grocery stores for moderate costs and not recommending buying excessive purchases right away, i.e. buying in bulk.

“Because it can cause food waste and possibly unnecessary expenses,” Lee shares.

Goodman says buying locally will also help keep costs low because local farmers can get rid of the average person who contributes to rising prices at such times.

“There’s nothing better than buying directly from a farmer, you know how it was grown, you know exactly who grew it, and in the long run it’s cheaper,” Goodman said.


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