The main diversion is now scheduled for Monday, with no more scheduled tonight.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Major road work on I-475 scheduled to begin tonight has been pushed back to Monday due to cold weather.

The Ohio Department of Transportation had planned to make changes to the I-475 traffic pattern this weekend so it wouldn’t affect people’s commutes to and from work next week, but cold temperatures expected over the weekend forced that change.

“It’s not just spray paint. It’s like glue,” said Kelsey Hoagland, ODOT District II Public Information Officer. “The ground has to be warm enough to accept the strips and the heat applicator to be able to lay effectively, otherwise it will just fly right off.”

Now the main transfer will be carried out from 11 am to 4 pm on Monday.

Roadworks will also take place this weekend. The US24 eastbound and westbound exits to northbound I-475 will be closed for most of the day tomorrow. The two ramps are critical to the diversion that will take place on Monday.

“The big picture that we want people to stay focused on is actually two parts in this particular case,” Hoglan said. “When this project is completed, there will be three lanes in each direction between the river and where it just became three lanes north of the airport. So it will be a great opportunity to have smoother traffic, less congestion and a greater overall aspect for motorists when this project is completed.”

WTOL 11 will continue to inform you of any further changes.

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