COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man is in custody after officers responded that someone shot at a Columbus police substation on Wednesday.

According to Columbus police sergeant. James Fukua, officers were inside the substation on East Woodrow Avenue when they heard a “deliberate” shot at the building.

Fukua said police took to the streets in time to see the suspected shooter drive away, then turned and returned to make more shots at the substation.

Police got into the car and continued to chase the man north across Parsons and across the German village before the chase came to an end. At one point, Fukua said a man shot down a car that was in a passerby.

Eventually, the man, whose identity was not disclosed, was taken into custody and no one was injured in the process, Fukua said. He added that there were no shootings between the suspect and police.

It is reported that firearms were found in the suspect’s possession during the detention.

The man was accused of assault.

The circumstances of the incident are being clarified.

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