The shooting happened over the weekend when a gunman tried to leave a gas station with his belongings after a purchase was declined.

DETROIT – A man fatally shot another customer at a Detroit gas station and wounded two others after the clerk closed the door following a dispute over a small purchase, authorities said Wednesday.

The details emerged as prosecutors charged 27-year-old Samuel McCray with murder and attempted murder. During the court session, he was refused a subscription.

The shooting happened on Saturday after three o’clock in the morning. McCray tried to leave the gas station with items worth less than $4 after the electronic purchase was declined, but the clerk locked the door, prosecutors said.

According to witness David Langston, McCray threatened to shoot everyone inside the gas station if the doors were not opened.

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Langston said WJBK-TV that he begged McCray, “Please, man, don’t shoot us. We have nothing to do with it.” …And he started shooting.”

Langston, 37, was wounded, but his best friend, Gregory Kelly, 37, was killed. A 60-year-old man was also wounded.

“After the men were shot, the clerk unlocked the door to the store and McCray fled the scene,” prosecutors said.

McCray was returned to jail after appearing in court Wednesday. He asked for a court-appointed attorney.

Prosecutor Kim Worthy had planned to hold a press conference but canceled and said the investigation was ongoing.

Kelly “had a lot of friends,” said his mother, Marilyn Fortner. “He just didn’t deserve to die like this.”

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