Winning the game and participating in the district championship on Saturday were the best part of the 11-1 victory over St. Mary’s in the UNOH Division II semi-finals on Thursday for Bata’s softball team.

But against whom Wildkittens did it was also great.

A year ago the season in Bath ended at the same UNOH field when St. Mary won 4-3 in the district semi-finals. The Roughriders then won this year’s regular season match at Bath 3-1.

The common denominator in both of these games was pitcher St. Mary’s Carsin McGloten, who completed complete victories in the game and also launched a home run that changed the game last year in the tournament.

So a different outcome required a different strategy for Thursday’s game.

The wild kittens came out with a bow, a little more and continued. At least five of their 12 hits never left homesteads. And there are other booties, like a sacrifice, and an unsuccessful attempt at a boot.

“We worked hard to strike because Carsin is a great pitcher, WBL player of the year, and we fought her the last time we saw her. We just worked to be disciplined, trying to trust our strike zone and try to leave the highs and make it return to the strike zone, ”said Bata coach Brit Love.

“We worked hard on the oatmeal in case we couldn’t hit it, which we had to use to go. We had a few hits, but what led our runners to the goal position is our hole, ”she said.

Rachel Clark and Claire Armentrout received three strikes, and Elena Oliver and Olivia Foster received two strikes against McGloten, who limited Bath to three hits in the Rowriders ’regular-season win. Clark, Armentrout and Dylan Griggsby rode in two races.

Bath also intentionally walked on McGloten twice as she approached the plate with a game that was still in doubt.

“We thought that if we took the bat out of her hands, we would have a better chance, and it worked. We didn’t want her to change the game. We tried to get her out of it because she is so good, ”Lauk said.

Griggsby, who limited St. Mary to three strokes in a complete win in the game, said: “It’s really great, especially with this team. “Last year they beat us in the tournament and in the regular season match. But we had full confidence to come out and come out victorious. ”

“We just told ourselves we could hit, and we had all the confidence in the world that we could hit it,” she said.

Clark said, “They always seemed to knock us out in tournaments. I play basketball and we were knocked out there too. It really motivated us to go out and play our game. “

Bath (14-13) will play Saturday with Brian (15-6) at the UNOH District Championships. In another semifinal on Thursday, Brian defeated Elida 4-3.

“We’ve had ups and downs this season, but throughout all of that we’ve just been telling ourselves to keep pushing, playing our game and continuing to do what we love,” Griggsby said.

Brian 4, Elis 3

Elida increased 3-0 after 4 ½ innings, but saw that she melted when Brian scored his first result at the bottom of the fifth inning and then received three wounds in the sixth inning.

Brian freshman Caitlin DeWitt made the hit, which won the game, a single twice at the bottom of the sixth. DeWitt went 3 on 3 and had half of Brian’s six strokes.

Elida came out ahead 2-0 in the fourth inning when Eva Irons stood out, Cadence Miller scored her triple, and sacrificial fly Carly Childs brought Miller home.

The Bulldogs increased their lead to 3-0 in the fifth inning due to Brian’s two mistakes, a move and Irons ’single, which went 3 to 4. Miller, Kylie Biglow and Lacey Möning received two strokes.

Elida finished her season 15-8.

Claire Armentrout of Bath will safely move to third base before Ashlyn Ross of St. Mary’s will be able to apply the label during the district semi-finals on Thursday in Division II at UNOH. See more high school sports photos at

Cadence Miller of Elis safely slides to base against Caitlin DeWitt of Brian during the District Semifinals on Thursday in Division II at UNOH.

Azai Murphy of St. Mary’s safely goes to third base against Dylan Griggsby of Bath during the district’s semi-finals on Thursday of Division II at UNOH.

Carly Chills of Elis beats Thursday in the Division II semifinals of Division II against Brian at UNOH.

Claire Faust of Bath is safely slipping into the home plate against Carsin McGloten of St. Mary’s during the District Semifinals on Thursday of Division II at UNOH.

Dylan Griggsby of Bath beats Thursday in the Division II semifinals of the Division against St. Mary at UNOH.

Wildkittens will play with Brian for the regional spot

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