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Ricky Lee Jones performs at Ludlow Garage on May 18.

This story appears in the May 17 print edition of CityBeat.

Next time you’re driving through Clifton’s Gaslight District, check out the musical murals painted on various buildings on Ludlow Avenue. These include music legends who have played at the historic Ludlow Garage, such as Albert King, Captain Beefheart and Iggy Pop. A mural of Ricky Lee Jones also towers over the street, and she’s wearing a boho beret. The veteran singer, songwriter and singer returns to perform at Ludlow Garage on May 18 with a jazz quintet. This is her first tour date to celebrate the release Parts of treasuresher new recording of the Great American Songbook classic.

From her classic self-titled debut in 1979 with the hit “Chuck E’s in Love” to her latest release in 2019, Kicks, Jones blended pop, jazz and folk/blues in her own uniquely soulful way. Equally adept at piano and guitar, the New Orleans singer often plays solo and performs intimate, raw versions of her own standards. Not only is Jones a great songwriter, but she’s also a great interpreter, as you can hear on several of her cover albums — like the new Parts of treasures. Her soulful, soulful voice is a natural for this collection, and while her music has always been steeped in jazz overtones, this is her first jazz recording of Great American Songbook torch songs, from “Just in Time” to “One For My Baby.” »

Jones explains why she likes to sing jazz in The Believer last December: “I’m very behind the beat and that’s hard in pop music because pop and folk music would like you to sing mostly in the first couple of bars . But I like to come late and sing whatever I feel like singing when I get there! For me, jazz is the perfect place for that.”

Ricky Lee Jones performs at Ludlow Garage at 8.30pm on May 18. Information:

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