The Bobcats had plenty to celebrate last week, with about 3,600 students joining Ohio State University alumni family during spring 2023 Start.

The festivities in Athens began with the graduation ceremony on Friday, May 5. About 1,000 doctoral and master’s students took part in it.

Dr. Saumiya Pant, associate professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies and director of the Communication and Development Studies Program at the Center for International Studies, served as keynote speaker for the ceremony. An Ohio State graduate, Pant received the 2022 Faculty Award for Outstanding Graduate School at last year’s commencement ceremonies.

“Now that you’re an Ohio State graduate, it’s a great privilege to decide to use your privilege and your voice for things that really matter and for stories that make an impact,” Pant said. “For those of you who feel invisible, know that your story matters. Your ideas are important. Your experience matters. Your vision of how our world can and should be matters.”

Dr. Atsuo Iyoshi, chairman of the board of trustees and chancellor emeritus of Chubu University in Japan, was also awarded an honorary degree for strengthening Chubu-OHIO partnership more than two decades. While Chairman Iyoshi was unable to attend, Tyubu University Chancellor Dr. Yasuhiro Ie accepted the award on his behalf and announced that Tyubu would present another 50 cherry trees in Ohio.

The solemn ceremony of entering the bachelor’s program took place on Saturday, May 6. About 2,600 students took part in it throughout the day. David Collins, BSC ’89, and Mike DeNoma, BA ’77, were keynote speakers for morning and afternoon activities respectively.

Collins is the eight-time Emmy Award-winning producer and creator of the pop culture phenomenon Queer Eye, and co-wrote and executive produced Legendary. His work continues to give voice to marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Listen to yourself,” Collins urged the graduates. “Trust your dance partners with your inner confidence [and] your inner anxiety. They both have something priceless to teach you. They are always with you, they will never leave. They are shaping you, shaping you, asking you to pay attention to who you really are. Don’t run away from them.”

DeNoma is one of the world’s leading emerging markets bankers as well as an adventurer, children’s advocate, parent, and experienced CEO, chairman, and board director of international and public companies.

“Class of 2023, know and hone your strengths and build a brilliant career that you love. Be disaffected and curious. When negative thoughts come in the front door, start opening the back door and kick them out,” DeNoma urged the graduates. “When the winds of adversity blow, turn your face to them. Grow your roots deeper and your heart more caring, protecting yourself and everyone around you.”

On Thursday, May 4, regional Ohio campuses also hosted special events honoring the Class of 2023.

Recordings of the Ohio University Commencement Ceremony are available at Home web page.

Click on the photos to view the captions.

A graduate student radiates joy on their induction day.


An Ohio graduate wears a knitted cap to graduation.


A group of risk takers pose outside the Assembly Center enjoying the moment together.


Ohio State graduates take a selfie outside the Convocation Center to capture the big day they worked together to create.


Students prepare to start by getting their name cards.


Risi graduates notice the faces of loved ones in the crowd cheering them on.


Keynote speaker David Collins, BSC ’89, shares his words of wisdom with alumni at the morning awards ceremony on Saturday, May 6.


Dr. Saumiya Pant, associate professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies and director of the Communication and Development Studies Program at the Center for International Studies, addresses graduate students on Friday, May 5.


A graduating senior and Clare O. and Charles J. Scholar. Pingo Cutlers Sara Ladipa addresses her classmates during the awards ceremony.


President Hugh Sherman offers advice to the graduating Bobcats, reminding them that they will have a home in Ohio forever.


Ohio students share their enthusiasm during the ceremony.


Ph.D. student wearing a hood at the awards ceremony on Friday, May 5.


A hood is worn on a doctoral candidate, indicating that he has received a Ph.D.


Ohio State alumni shared the Bobcat honor with much applause and enthusiasm at each award ceremony.


The graduate proudly acknowledges the crowd.


Trustee Matt Evans congratulates new Ohio graduate.


Speaker David Collins asked the graduates to hold hands with those sitting next to them at one point during his speech and asked them to embrace their differences and shared human experience.


Stop for a photo outside the Convocation Center on a beautiful Ohio University commencement day.


Graduates today, streaks forever.


Proud family members and friends filled the concourse center to cheer on their favorite Bobcats at the ceremony.


A student celebrates a momentous event with a cigar.


The day was filled with hugs, handshakes and a lifetime of memories for thousands of proud Ohio University graduates.


The weather was perfect for Ohio University’s Class of 2023 celebration.


Peace out Class of 2023.


Ohio graduates celebrated their big day while also inspiring younger generations to achieve their dreams.

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