DELFAS – The atmosphere of the mid-season baseball game of the Midwest Conference on Wednesday between Delphi St. John’s and St. Henry was more reminiscent of a tournament.

Both St. John’s and St. Henry are vying for the MAC title.

Although St. Henry won a solid 8-1 victory over St. John’s Wednesday at Park Stadium, there is still a chance that both St. Henry and St. John’s could get part of the conference title later on this weeks.

With Wednesday’s victory St. Henry improves the overall score of 15-5 and 7-2 in the MAC. St. John’s is down 12-9 and 6-2 overall in the conference.

This Friday St. John’s will go to Caldwater, where he will meet with the Cavaliers. Cold water 7-1 in MAC.

St. John’s victory on Friday will draw a three-way draw for the MAC title.

On Wednesday night, senior left-hander Nolan Schmitz was in full control of the embankment for St. Henry.

Schmitz allowed only two base strikes, with 10 crossed out, passing two and striking the battle. For the full game he made just 82 innings.

“At the beginning of the year he (Schmitz) was a little difficult,” said St. Henry’s head coach Mike Gast. “But the last couple of weeks he’s really coming to his senses and we see what we saw from him last year.

“He (Schmitz) was effective tonight. He was set up for contact; and his stuff is good enough that when he throws in contact, he can strike out some guys. … He had ten of them (deletions) tonight. If he can be like that every night, we can be pretty tough in the tournament. So it’s nice to see that from him right now. “

The post-season tournament will start next week.

The only net that St. Jones scored against Schmitz on Wednesday departed from a home run in the first inning in the center field on which Colin Furz from second base.

Schmitz did refuse to hit the next hitter after the Feathers, Gavin Becker’s left-field single. However, this Becker kick would be the last for the Blue Jays for the rest of the game.

Schmitz retired four times on Wednesday night. In the fifth he knocked out the side.

“We were aggressive at the plate early; and we put a little pressure on them in the first and second innings, ”said St. John’s head coach Jerry Jackson.

“But in the second inning, when we had a few runners at base and we went for a double game ourselves, it was a big turning point. From there we lost momentum.

“When Schmitz was on the embankment, his unbearable speed worked at the end of the game. It threw us off balance. His speed was really good tonight. That’s why he’s one of the best pitchers in the MAC. “

St. Henry took the lead on Wednesday, scoring one run at the top of the first, thanks to a double to the left of Seth Hatecamp, who drove into Shane Franco, who hit the base with a walk.

In the second St. Henry corrected the starting pitcher of St. John Braylon Metzger.

Bryce Bruckhart rode the liner to the left, which passed by outfielders for the triple, who rode into the run. Frank then followed through the central field fence and made a home run twice to bring St. Henry ahead 4-1.

Metzger worked out four innings on the embankment before being pulled out. Metzger gave up four runs on four hits, while struck out five and walked five. In total he threw 68 fields.

Austin Munter came out to replace Metzger. Moenter worked out two innings, and gave up two runs from a single hit.

Devin Sanders came to finish the serve for the Blue Jays in the seventh and final serve.

There were only six strikes per game in St. Henry. However, the redskins made the most of their opportunities.

“Today we had a lot of guys who performed in a great effort,” Gast said. “I think we killed eight wounds with two exits. So we had guys who went through with great success. We had very good bats. We had guys who extended the score a bit and then got to base. … Nice to see. We played very well tonight and gave ourselves a chance at the league (MAC title). Hopefully they (Delphos St. John’s) can help us on Friday. ”

Jackson said his team will need to focus on Friday as the Blue Jays try to grab a piece of the MAC title if they face Coldwater.

“It’s a chance for us to get a piece of that MAC title,” Jackson said. “It’s going to be a big game on the big stage in Coldwater.

“We are playing this week like in a tournament. We go out to compete and win. I told these guys that we haven’t reached the peak yet. … This is what we are looking for.

Delphi St. John’s Cam Elver misplaced the ball against St. Henry during Wednesday’s game in Delphi.

Delphi St. John Levi Becker dives back to first base before trying to tag St. Henry Drew Schwitterman during Wednesday’s game in Delphi.

Delphi St. John Austin Arnold is watching the ball after hitting a home run against St. Henry during a game Wednesday in Delphi.

Delphi St. John Coltan Clark meets against St. Henry during Wednesday’s game in Delphi.

Blue jays, redheads still in the hunt

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