Solar torch lights are perfect for brightening up outdoor gatherings and deterring mosquitoes, without the hassle of fuel and flames. Enter electric solar-powered models, which use solar energy to provide appealing, effective, and safe outdoor lighting.

If you’re new to electric solar-powered torches, here’s everything you need to know to find the best flame-free torches for your outdoor space.

Fuel vs. Solar-Powered Torches

Fuel-Powered Torches: Traditional torches use oil, gas, propane, paraffin, kerosene, or citronella oil to produce long-lasting flames. While they are bright, using fuel and fire comes with safety concerns such as avoiding spills, inhalation risks, and potential burns. Keeping the flames away from flammable items is also crucial.

Solar-Powered Torches: Solar-powered torches eliminate these safety concerns. They use internal batteries charged by the sun to power LED lights that flicker like classic torch flames. Most models also have on/off switches for convenience and battery conservation.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Outdoor Torches

  • Aesthetic Appeal: These lights come in attractive designs that add a festive atmosphere to your garden or yard.
  • Illumination: The LED light provides a soft glow to light up outdoor areas and can be used as pathway or garden lights.
  • Pest Deterrence: Mosquitoes and other flying insects typically avoid the light from solar-powered torches.
  • Long Battery Life: Once charged, they typically illuminate for 8 to 12 hours.

Features of Electric Solar-Powered Torches

Materials: Solar-powered torches are made from glass, plastic, metal, rattan, or bamboo. Choose the material that best matches your outdoor decor.

Designs: From rustic to modern, there’s a style for everyone. Some models mimic traditional woven torches, while others feature intricate cut-out designs that enhance the light’s glow. Lantern-style models offer a rustic appeal.

Lengths: Available in lengths from 15 to 55 inches, shorter models work well for accent lighting, while taller models are great for decorating porches, pools, decks, and patios. Adjustable-height models offer versatility for different uses.

Quantities: Typically sold in multipacks, electric torches are convenient and offer great value. Packs of two, four, six, and eight are common, but single torches are also available for those new to this type of lighting.

Best Solar Torch Lights

Newhouse Lighting Solar Island Torches, Set of 4 Durable plastic with a woven look, these 54-inch lights emit a realistic flame effect.

Otdair LED Solar Lights, Set of 6 Standing 43 inches tall, these lights are praised for their realistic appearance and flickering solar “flames.”

Flickering Flame Solar Flame Lights, Set of 2 These torches, adjustable up to 55 inches tall, are made of strong, weather-resistant metal.

Abble Inc. Solar-Powered Torches, Set of 2 At 31 inches, these midsized torches are perfect for walkways or gardens. The durable plastic construction withstands the elements.

Evelynsun Flickering Flames Solar-Powered Torches, Set of 2 Made with woven bamboo for a natural look, these torches feature flickering LED lights that mimic real flames.

Walensee Large Solar Torches, Set of 6 Featuring an intricate pattern, these high-end lights are made of strong, weather-resistant plastic.

Ollivage Solar Torches, Set of 4 With adjustable heights, these torches are versatile and easy to assemble.

Aityvert Solar Torch Lights, Set of 4 Offering long battery life and height adjustability, these torches come in packs of one, two, or four.

TomCare Flickering Flames Solar Torches, Set of 4 Stylishly designed like classic lanterns, these torches feature durable metal components.

Illuminate your outdoor spaces safely and stylishly with these solar-powered torch lights.