The school is going to raise $ 1.75 million to cover the cost of new baseball and softball courts.

Swenton, Ohio. It is no secret to the Swanton community that Memorial Park is not the most beautiful field in northwestern Ohio.

“It’s not fun. Teams don’t like to come here to play with us just because of that surface.” Swanton High School said head baseball coach Josh Sievert.

The coach’s concern is an uneven surface that can cause injury.

Players say they are more looking forward to travel than staying home.

“We’re at a point where we look at the schedule and see the game away, and we’re happier to play there than at home,” said senior Gareth Swank. “It really doesn’t have to be that way. I think it’s time for a change here at Swanton High School.”

The park has been a major element of the Swanton community since the 1930s, but now they are looking to renovate.

“It’s been a long time and we’ve had generations playing on this field, so I think it’s time for some change, so we’re really trying to pursue this new field.”

School administrators, community members and players are working to raise $ 1.75 million for the new complex, including a baseball and softball field across the street from high school.

Leaders decided that the best way to raise money would be corporate sponsors. To sell businesses in the complex, the community shot a commercial explaining the idea.

“We’re trying to shoot this video to throw the network a little wider, hoping to get more corporate sponsorship for the project,” said Swanton superintendent Chris Lake.

Former and current players have come together to shoot videos, making their statement to the whole world.

“It’s for the kids. That’s the main thing, “Sievert said.

“There we also have safety issues, but it’s for the kids. Teams and our kids are sometimes embarrassed to play there.”

Players say the new field would be a dream. Future high school athletes, such as 6th grader Julian Avery, say the field could be a source of pride for the school.

“It would be amazing because I know I can play my school years on this field if we get that. We could be hoping for home games instead of hoping we have an away game,” Avery said. .

If you want to help Swanton and donate, you can visit

Organizers have already raised $ 267,000 from local businesses and hope to raise $ 1 million by the time they earn later this year.

The goal is to prepare the complex for the game in time for the spring season of 2023.


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