Manufacturers of telecommunications equipment have said they will be ready to deploy the first phase of 5G by October this year, when all goes well. According to a Business Standard report, telecommunications equipment manufacturers have said they will be ready to deploy 5G services in India’s top 50 cities by March 2023.

Transmission manufacturers expect telecoms providers to notify them of their plans, as well as equipment needed by July, and have promised to deploy three to four months thereafter. The major manufacturers of telecommunication equipment in India are Nokia, Samsungand Ericsson. The top executive of one of these companies is quoted in the report as saying that deployment time has become much faster due to substantial automation.

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“We will place 5G equipment on the existing installed infrastructure, such as towers that have a fiber line, so at this stage nothing needs to be built from scratch. Due to the large workforce we already have to service, it will take no more than three or four months to deploy and launch 5G services, ”the Business Standard report quoted the head as saying.

According to the manufacturers of the transmission, the first stage will have 1,000 towers in each city, which will include 5G. A total of 4,000 towers are said to be needed in Delhi. The executive also told the daily that there was a global problem with the supply of telecommunications equipment due to a shortage of chips and other components due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the manufacturers, the deployment of 5G services in Pan-India will require a total of at least 2.25 thousand towers, in addition to the addition of 5G poles on outdoor furniture and other equipment.

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A cabinet meeting is expected next week 5G spectrum prices to initiate lengthy 5G auctions in the country. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is expected to initiate 5G auctions by next month and finish them by July.

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