The proposed $ 6.6 million project involves the installation of a 1.7-megawatt solar panel on campus.

FREMONT, Ohio – Terra State College wants to go green.

The college plans to save a lot of money over the next decade and a half.

Terra State Public College will soon turn green.

Deciding to pursue a multimillion-dollar maintenance project, the college hopes to save millions of dollars in the coming decades by perfecting its energy plan today.

For most of the plan, an 8-acre 1.7-megawatt solar panel will be installed next to their Terra Landings apartment building.

And along with providing the campus with electricity, the solar panel will also be available for hands-on classes for electrical engineering classes.

“In some of the studies we’ve looked at, this is one of the biggest potential careers in the future – it’s maintenance and working in the sun.” said Terno President Ron Schumacher.

The solar field is about half of the proposed project worth $ 6.6 million.

The financing will be provided by 15-year bonds.

The second half of the project involves the installation of new air coolers, LED lighting and upgraded ventilation controls in all Terra buildings except one.

Allowing the college to invest future capital in other areas, instead of using it to maintain current equipment for 25-30 years.

“This will allow us to do much faster than if we expected regular state capital budgets. And, as you can see, a lot is already happening on campus,” Schumacher said.

On Tuesday, the board of trustees of Terra State Public College will vote in favor of final approval of these energy efficiency improvements.

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