An Air National Guard unit stationed in Swanton will conduct a large-scale readiness exercise starting Thursday.

Swanton, Ohio – Editor’s Note: The above video originally aired on August 5, 2022.

The 180th Fighter Wing announced that it will take part in a large-scale readiness exercise that begins Thursday and continues through Sunday at the unit’s base in Swanton.

Officials with the Ohio Air National Guard unit called the exercise a full-scale assessment of the unit’s “ability to survive and operate in challenging environments.”

People near the base may see and hear increased activity in and around the base during the exercise. This may include increased traffic in the area.

Residents can also hear sirens and loud speakers as well as loud noises, all of which are part of the simulated learning scenarios during the exercise.

The F-16 fighter jets will take off and land at various times throughout the week as the wing conducts around-the-clock operations.

Training flights usually take place during daylight hours, but F-16 pilots and maintenance personnel must conduct enhanced training operations.

Regulations require at least two readiness exercises within five years. Exercises, in addition to real-world deployments and exercises, ensure that Air National Guard wings are prepared, equipped and ready to deploy anytime, anywhere, at any time in support of the US National Defense Strategy.

The mission of the 180th Fighter Wing, based at Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport, includes supporting NORAD and U.S. Northern Command operations.

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