Two people were taken to hospital after three cars were damaged in an accident and a fire hydrant was pulled from the ground. A fourth car fled the scene.

TALEDA, Ohio – On Sunday afternoon, two people were hospitalized in an accident and stopped on one of Toledo’s main roads from east to west.

Toledo Police closed Hill Avenue in west Toledo between Westwood and Telstar around 6pm as they investigated the crash of four cars.

At least two people were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

As a result of the accident, three cars were severely damaged and damaged.

Toledo Fire and Rescue Services say a fourth car involved in the crash knocked a fire hydrant off the ground and lost its bumper and door before fleeing.

Witnesses say they stopped after an initial accident involving three cars, when a fourth car crashed into the site, causing more damage as a result of the domino effect.

The extent of the injuries and the circumstances that led to the accident are unknown at this time.

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