ALEN – When you hear something three times, you start to think there may be some truth in it. The Allen County Aging Council honored three staff members with a total experience of more than 130 years who are equally committed to their work.

“I really enjoyed working here. It’s a blessing, a wonderful job. I was not going to do such work. Where would we be without our customers? This is such a variety of people we work with. Every day is different. We will always learn something new. We are constantly getting questions that we do not know the answer to, and we would need to sort it out somehow. It was just a wonderful time, ”said Judy Jacomet, who works with the educators program.

These feelings were echoed by Ella Napier, who began driving the van at 21 years old. “It was a joy to work here on the Allen County Council on Aging. Through my parents I was always taught to do 100% of the time when you do a job. And also always respect people and treat people well. Treat people the way you want to be treated. This work has been very helpful to me. You have to love the work you do. I just appreciate everything everyone does here. “

Lorraine Lavette worked with the day care program for adults. She echoed the views previously shared by her co-workers. “To really have a job you love, to love coming to work. Not every day is the best day in the world. So many people can’t say, “I love my job.” You meet such wonderful people that God has given us the privilege of being part of their family. That’s why every day is blessed here. “

Judy, Ella and Lorraine have contributed to the Aging Council for several years. However, the Allen County Council on Aging has contributed over the years. It’s hard to say who benefits more from the years they’ve spent and the changes they’ve seen and implemented. Their work will be a long legacy in the Allen County Council on Aging.

Ella Napier, Judy Giacomet and Lorraine Lavett loved their work on the Allen County Council on Aging.

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