It is claimed that Apple’s long-awaited mixed-reality headset with VR and AR capabilities is at an advanced stage of development. According to renowned Apple tracker Mark Gourmet, Bloomberg recently reviewed the mixed reality headset to the company’s board last week, but we have yet to hear any official words from Apple. The mixed-reality headset has been a part of rumors for a long time and is likely to become the “next big thing” after the Apple Watch. The report adds that Apple has also accelerated the development of rOS – a special operating system for mixed reality headsets.

Gourmet suggests that the progress of rOS combined with the presentation of the board suggests that the device may debut later this year or early next year, as suggested in the past.

Apple mixed reality The headset was reported to be launched last year, but the report says the device still faces content and overheating issues. Because the headset is rumored to have an advanced processor that is said to be “alongside Apple’s latest Mac,” supply chain issues are also of great concern.

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After the mixed reality headset Apple may release AR glasses that may look like regular glasses. AR glasses codenamed N421 will be able to impose digital information and images on the real world. The report says the mixed-reality headset codenamed N301 has been under development since 2015 and is led by senior executive Mike Rockwell. Finally, the report says that Apple also tried to test its AR software on HTC Vive VR headsets in the early stages of development.

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Past reports suggest that Apple could cost this new headset $ 2,000 (about Rs 1,5,200) or more. Meta also plans to launch its new mixed reality headset in the coming months to accelerate the metaverse project.

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