To address the common inconvenience, Google is rolling out a new Phone app starting with Pixel phones. Some people are reporting that starting with the public beta version of Google Phone app version 90.0.475844574, a new conversation interface has appeared, which reportedly offers a new bottom layout for four key functions – keyboard, mute, speaker and more another, surrounded by the end of the call button is also at the bottom.

The new user interface provides better reach, especially for one-handed operation on larger devices. And after clicking on the More icon, the user interface shows Hold, Add Call, and Record options. Mainly, the user interface has been changed to reduce the options during the call, to avoid accidental touches during the call and to make the overall ease of use.

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Aesthetically, not much has changed as the Phone is still based on the Material You design language that Google introduced earlier. The buttons are still round and the numbers are still displayed in pill-shaped cutouts, except that the main functions now appear at the bottom of the app.

Current interface (Image: News18)

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The update is said to be in beta and appears to be a server-side implementation from Google, so it’s unclear when people can expect a wider rollout. At the moment, only some Google Pixels running Google Dialer version 90.0.475844574 can see it.

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