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Upgrade your old fridge to a new fridge from one of the best fridge brands in 2023. The best fridge brands make top-rated smart fridges with doors and drawers that fit most spaces.

Start the new year with a brand new refrigerator. We’ve found refrigerators that not only cool food, but also share photos, stream music, and tell other smart devices in your home what to do. Many of these popular refrigerators from the best refrigerator brands are now on sale.

Samsung Flex Smart 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub, $3,299 (reduced from $4,500)

GE Profile Side-by-Side Smart Refrigerator, $8,930

Miele MasterCool Series Smart Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, $11,149

Which brand of refrigerator is better for 2023? We’ve compiled a list of the best options that you can shop right now. All of these kitchen appliances are rated four stars or higher and have tons of positive reviews.

The best brands of refrigerators for a smart home

Your smart home should have a smart refrigerator. All Samsung touch-screen refrigerators feature Samsung’s Family Hub with built-in Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The smart fridge component can connect to and be used to control your phone, computer, TV, smart doorbell, Nest thermostat and Samsung appliances. It can share photos, stream music and more. Family Hub lets you see inside your fridge from anywhere (via a connected device), search for recipes based on what you have on hand, plan weekly meals, and even send cooking instructions to Samsung smart oven.

Samsung Flex Smart 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub



“This design is brilliant,” wrote a Samsung customer. “Each door is small enough to open. There are no handles, which makes it much easier to press them against the wall. There is no ice maker on the left side of the door to obstruct the view to the left. Opening it to a 90 degree angle is all you need, to do whatever you need. It’s completely flat, which makes it a lot easier to open it to the wall (if you’ve noticed that a lot of refrigerators are dome-shaped in the front, which doesn’t give you room to open the door to the wall).”

Samsung Flex Smart 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub, $3,299 (reduced from $4,500)

Samsung Large Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub



This is a full-depth Samsung refrigerator rated 4.5 stars. Use the Samsung Family Hub feature on this refrigerator to control your smart appliances and devices right from the refrigerator door.

The fingerprint-resistant refrigerator has a full-width bottom drawer large enough to hold party plates, drinks, and more. The Samsung kitchen appliance includes an external water and ice dispenser with a filter, as well as comprehensive cooling technology and multiple ventilation systems to maintain even air circulation on each shelf.

Samsung 3-Door Large Capacity French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub, $2,299 (regularly $3,099)

The best brands of double-door refrigerators

Love the look of your double door refrigerator? Check out these options from Samsung and Bosch.

Samsung Bespoke Flex 4-Door Refrigerator



Rated 4.6 stars, the refrigerator has adjustable and replaceable door panels in a variety of colors and finishes. The top-rated kitchen appliance features a hidden beverage center with a water dispenser, automatic water jug ​​and ice maker.

Samsung Bespoke Flex Four-Door Refrigerator, $2,699 (regularly $4,199)

Bosch 800 Series 36 Inch Smart Four Door French Door Refrigerator


Connecting equipment

This is a Bosch refrigerator has a bunch of cool features. The appliance features two humidity-controlled compartments, a FlexBar for flexible cold beverage storage, five adjustable tempered glass shelves, and three one-gallon door containers. It has an internal water dispenser and an internal ice maker.

This high-tech refrigerator can be controlled and controlled remotely using the Bosch Home Connect app. With the help of the program, you can control the temperature of your refrigerator, adjust its lighting and run diagnostics.

Bosch 800 series 36″ Smart Four-Door French Door Refrigerator, $3,799

The best brands of refrigerators for Side-by-Side models

We’ve found the best Side-by-side refrigerator models you can buy right now. Some of these top-rated refrigerators are on sale. Hurry – these deals on home appliances won’t last long.

LG Side-by-side smart freestanding refrigerator


LG through Appliances Connection

This is a smart LG freestanding fridge has several interesting features, including InstaView. Tap twice to illuminate the window panel and see all your favorite food and drinks without even opening the door. This LG refrigerator has an ice maker that automatically makes batches of different types of ice (crushed, cubed, round) and a water dispenser that automatically removes up to 99.99 percent of bacteria from the nozzle after 24 hours.

The refrigerator has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled remotely using the LG ThinQ app.

LG Smart Freestanding Refrigerator, $2,099 (regularly $2,677)

GE Profile smart refrigerator


GE through the connection of appliances

This 42-inch built-in refrigerator has climate controlled drawers, adjustable spill proof glass shelves and adjustable freezer shelves.

The GE Profile Side-by-Side Smart Refrigerator has built-in Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely using your smartphone and compatible voice assistants. It can even send you alerts when the fridge door is left open or the fridge needs servicing.

GE Profile Side-by-Side Smart Refrigerator, $8,930

LG side by side refrigerator with SpacePlus ice


LG through Best Buy

This Side-by-side refrigerator features flat panels, discreet pocket handles, top-to-bottom shelves and elegant touch controls hidden inside your fridge. Its economical SpacePlus ice feature maximizes freezer space without compromising on-demand ice access.

This refrigerator is fingerprint and smudge resistant.

LG Side by Side Refrigerator with SpacePlus Ice, $1,450 (regularly 1,832)

The best brands of refrigerators for small spaces

We’ve found the best refrigerator brands for small spaces. These Samsung, Miele and LG kitchen appliances fit in your garage, den or small kitchen. Plus, they have a ton of space and storage options inside.

Samsung Bespoke Flex Column Refrigerator

Samsung BESPOKE Flex Column Refrigerator


This slim refrigerator is 11.4 cubic feet it’s a great option for small spaces like a kitchen or garage. This unique appliance can operate at refrigerator or freezer temperatures to best suit your food storage needs. It has a reversible door. Choose from white, gray or dark blue glass finishes.

This 4.7-star refrigerator comes with a 100-day risk-free trial. Shipping is free when you order direct from Samsung.

Samsung Bespoke Flex Column Refrigerator, $999 (reduced from $1,400)

Miele MasterCool series smart refrigerator


Miele by connecting appliances

Miele MasterCool Series 30-Inch Column Refrigerator has a bunch of cool features, including smart technology. The fridge doesn’t have a door handle, instead it has a push-open door that is activated with a light push of your hand. Inside, the refrigerator is equipped with LED strips that light up evenly when the refrigerator door is opened. The Miele refrigerator has a function that allows you to adjust the temperature or lighting of the refrigerator with the touch of a finger. You can even change the background color of the touchscreen.

This refrigerator can be connected to the Miele app and controlled remotely. Use the temperature control app or connect to the Miele online store to order products such as water filters.

Miele MasterCool Series Smart Refrigerator, $8,649

Miele MasterCool series smart refrigerator with bottom freezer


Miele by connecting appliances

While the Miele 36-inch Bottom Freezer includes a handle, it also features Miele’s push-open technology. Like the Miele fridge above it, this smart Mastercool bottom freezer also equipped with LED strips that gradually become brighter when you open the refrigerator door.

This fridge keeps food odors at bay thanks to the Miele Active AirClean filter. The filter is made from a combination of activated carbon and chitosan, a natural product that eliminates odors in your refrigerator.

This smart fridge can be connected to the Miele app to remotely adjust the temperature, activate programs or connect to the Miele Online Store to order products.

Miele MasterCool Series Smart Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, $11,149

Door-to-door LG refrigerator


LG through Best Buy

Increase the space for food and drinks with the help of refrigerator doors. This 4.5-star LG appliance was described as “beautiful” by a Best Buy reviewer.

“This fridge is quiet, makes great ice cubes and ice (spheres). The outside door is great for the items we use a lot, but it saves us money because we don’t open the fridge door all the way. The full conversion drawer is amazing feature,” they wrote, shouting out this fridge’s middle drawer, which can fully transform from cooling to freezing with a quick touch.

LG Door to Door Refrigerator, $3,500 (regularly $4,400)

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