According to the Biden administration, about 246 Nestlé flights will be delivered from Switzerland to Indiana.

WASHINGTON – The Senate approved on Thursday a bill aimed at facilitating the child formula deficiency for families participating in a government assistance program that accounts for about half of all blends purchased in the United States.

The House of Representatives passed the bill the day before, so it is now being sent to President Joe Biden to sign the bill.

Participants in a program known as WIC receive vouchers that are redeemed for certain foods in addition to their diet. Vouchers can usually only be used to purchase a baby formula of one brand, which encourages the manufacturer to offer big discounts to provide business to the state.

The bill allows for mitigating circumstances for the Ministry of Agriculture to waive certain requirements so that WIC members can purchase any brand.

“It will now be easier for millions of parents to find the baby formula they need,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN, after the bill was passed.

Also Thursday, the administration said the Department of Defense was working on booking commercial aircraft to fly about 246 Nestlé Formula One flights from Zurich, Switzerland, to Plainfield, Indiana.

Deliveries will include the equivalent of up to 1.5 million 8-ounce bottles of three formulas – Alfamino Infant, Alfamino Junio ​​and Gerber Good Start Extensive HA, all hypoallergenic formulas for children allergic to cow’s milk protein. The White House said they are a priority because they serve critical medical purposes and their scarcity.

Lawmakers are also considering increasing the staff of the Office of Food and Drug Administration with an emergency bill of $ 28. The law was also passed in the House this week, but the Senate has uncertain prospects.

The shortage of baby formula was caused by the closure of the country’s largest plant for the production of safety-related mixtures. The head of the FDA told lawmakers on Thursday that the factory could be launched as early as next week.

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