The Tucker family this year features three brothers who challenge and encourage each other.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s always helpful to have a workout partner to keep you motivated when you’re trying to shed a few pounds. One local family put on a good clean sibling rivalry this year Super Fitness Weight Challenge.

“I’m Matt and I’ve invited my brothers Andy and Bruce to join me,” said Matthew Tucker

All of the Tucker brothers say they are excited to take part in the Super Fitness Challenge this season.

“I could see they had a lot of fun competing in the competition,” host Kelly Heidbreder said. “So I thought I’d create a little sidebar challenge for them just for fun.”

The challenge is a great opportunity for their family, the brothers said.

“We all love sports,” Andy Tucker said. “And it’s the perfect way for us to have fun and get in shape together.”

Andy and Matt entered the competition in October at the launch party. But their older brother, Bruce, had to be persuaded to join.

“Matt and I kept pestering Bruce to join in as well, and we knew we could wear him down,” Andy said.

At the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge in January, Heidbreder organized a special side event for the brothers at the Fetterman Training Center at the University of Toledo.

“I thought it was the perfect place to ignite a sibling rivalry,” she said. “They’re going to see who can run the fastest, throw the farthest and of course who can do the most push-ups.”

Andy finished first in the 40-foot shot put, and he also took first in the 30-yard dash.

“Well, I think he cheated,” Matt said as all the brothers laughed.

Matt finished first in the push-up.

“He beat me with just one push, like he always does,” Bruce said.

The brothers worked out together and cheered each other on during this year’s Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.

“We meet every Saturday at one of the Metroparks to get together and have some fun outdoors,” Matt said. “It keeps us close and we like to have fun picking on each other.”

Heidbreder said the family competition is a great way to keep all three brothers on track.

“Having someone in your corner to hold you accountable really helps,” she said. – These brothers really inspire the rest of our group. We really enjoy watching them compete. They are very supportive of each other and all the other contenders. I will not be surprised if in the final I see them fighting for the championship trophy.”

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