COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s re-election campaign announced that the Ohio State Election Commission found the Ohio Electoral Commission guilty on Thursday in the Ohio State Electoral Commission of Frank LaRose, leading to a total of six counts against the campaign.

According to the LaRose campaign release, Clark’s campaign was found guilty of violating campaign finance and failing to meet public disclosure requirements, receiving a $ 500 fine for three offenses.

“It’s clear that candidates and campaigns are making mistakes, but Chelsea Clark is a chronic violator of the state’s election law,” LaRose CEO Adam Rapien said in a statement. “The irony is that she is asking Ohio residents to make her chief election officer, where she will be responsible for enforcing the same laws she has repeatedly violated. These are double standards that Ohio voters should not ignore. ”

Clark, a graduate of Elis, dismissed the problem as solved, and LaRose tried to distract from what she called shortcomings on his part in the office.

“The issue was resolved with a modest fine,” the statement said. “There are no other problems here. This is the kind of policy that makes Ohio people so sick. LaRose is trying to divert attention from the fact that his recklessness cost us $ 25 million and introduced unnecessary confusion among voters. The Ogians are smart enough to see that. ”

The candidate says the problem is solved, used as a distraction

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