LCCS hopes that Randall Muth, current executive director of Mahoning County Children’s Services in eastern Ohio. The LCCS position has been vacant since October.

TOLEDO, OH – Children’s Aid Services of Lucas County one step closer to a new executive director.

On Wednesday, the LCCS Board of Trustees passed a motion to offer a contract to Randall Muth, current executive director Children’s Aid Services of Mahoning County. Now the council will start negotiations on concluding an employment contract with him.

Board Chair Cathy Vazquez said she hopes to have Muth in the position by mid-summer 2023.

“He’s the right man at the right time,” Vasquez said. “He has more and more responsibility in the institutions in which he worked. This will be his third chief executive of a child protection agency, so we look forward to a wealth of experience and we believe he will be a successful chief executive for us going forward.”

Muth, who has served as MCCS since July 2013, holds a juris doctorate from the University of Akron and has been in private law practice for several years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kent State University. He is also a veteran of the US Army.

He served together with Ohio Association of Public Children’s Services as a former trustee, secretary and chairman of the legislative committee.

“We need a child advocate in Lucas County,” Vazquez said. “We need someone who is very familiar with the political environment in terms of funding. Ohio has a number of new initiatives that need to be coordinated. changed the way child protection is managed in Ohio.”

The previous LCCS Executive Director, Robin Reese, had a salary of $146,109.60 in 2020 and retired in October 2022. Muth’s salary is part of the contract negotiations.

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