Senator Chris Murphy was the U.S. representative from Sandy Hook Elementary County when a 2012 elementary school shooting took place.

WASHINGTON, DC, DC – Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut, gave a hot speech in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon after a shooting at a school in Uwald that killed 14 students and one teacher.

Prior to becoming a senator, Murphy previously served as the U.S. Representative for the 5th Congressional Congress from January 2007 to January 2013. it was here on December 14, 2012 that filming took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Murphy told his fellow senators that they had another Sandy Hook in their hands Rob Elementary Shooting in Uwaldewhere 14 students and one teacher were killed, as well as the shooter himself, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

In a five-minute Senate speech, Murphy repeatedly asked two questions to his fellow congressmen: “What are we doing?” and “Why are we here?”

The whole ardent request can be seen at the top of this article.

“There were more mass shootings a year than days,” Murphy said. “Our children live in fear every time they step into class because they think they will be next.”

Murphy asked the senators why they were going through all the hassle to run for the Senate and get the job done if their reaction to these shootings did nothing.

“Why are you here, if not to solve an existential problem like this?” Murphy asked. “It’s inevitable, these kids are out of luck. It only happens in this country and nowhere else. Nowhere do younger kids go to school thinking they might be shot that day.”

Murphy said that after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the classrooms there will be a safe word that children will say when they start thinking about what they saw on the day of the shooting. Throughout the day, Murphy added, the children got up and spoke the word, and the teachers had to take them out of the classroom to talk about what they saw that day and help them survive it.

“Sandy Hook will never, ever be the same,” Murphy said. “This community in Texas will never, ever be the same. Why? Why are we here other than to try to make sure fewer schools and fewer communities are going through what Sandy Hook went through, what Uwalde is going through?”

Murphy said he was in the Senate to ask his colleagues to find a way forward, and that although he understood that his fellow Republicans would disagree with everything he supported, they could find a common denominator.

“There’s a place where we can reach an agreement that can’t guarantee that Americans will never see a mass shooting again that can’t halve the number of murders that happen,” Murphy said. “It won’t solve the problem of American violence on its own, but by doing something, we can at least stop sending this silent message of approval to these murderers who are brainwashed to see that top government officials do nothing by firing after the shooting. “

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