Work on the Central Avenue bridge, which began Monday and is scheduled to last five months, is forcing traffic to use alternate routes.

OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio — Missy Synder has lived in Ottawa Hills for many years. It was always quiet, but construction of a bridge on Central Avenue that started on monday changes that. The construction detour means there will be more cars on her street for the next five months.

“I had to wait many minutes this morning to pull out of my driveway, just like my kids when they went to school,” said Snyder, who lives just off Central Avenue on Riva Ridge Road. “It’s actually scary because it gets dark very quickly.”

The area has no street lights or sidewalks, making it a potentially dangerous situation for active people.

“There are a lot of runners in the neighborhood,” Snyder said. “The “Glass City” marathon is approaching., so many runners pass. The course runs through the neighborhood.”

Just south of Riva Ridge on Derby Road, Waheed Sedique worries about his children and speeding cars.

“People who aren’t from the neighborhood, but they’re taking a detour and they’re not paying attention,” Sedike said. “They’re going fast, trying to make up for that traffic jam, regardless of how much time they’ve lost. They’re not going to pay attention.”

But Sediqe keeps it all in perspective. While increasing traffic on a road that normally has little traffic can be annoying, aside from potentially dangerous drivers, it is at best a minor problem that can easily be prepared for.

“We, in this village and in this part of the world in general, are much better off,” Sedike said.

The construction of the bridge over Central Avenue is scheduled for five months.

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