The war in Ukraine contributed to that lack of baby formulasAccording to the head of one of the largest producers of the mixture in the US Patrick Sly, president of global nutrition company Reckitt, which produces Enfamil, said that its products contain sunflower oil, a major producer of which is Ukraine.

“Our products are very complex products. They are almost pharmaceutical products. And there are dozens and dozens of ingredients that are part of our products.” Sly told CBS Evening News host and editor-in-chief Nora O’Donnell. “One example is one of the oils that is part of our products, has influenced what is happening in Ukraine.”

Despite the urgent need for a formula, Sly said it is only possible to produce as much as is safe.

“As much as we want to increase production, we know that we care about a very vulnerable population, and security is paramount,” he added.

However, Sly said Reckitt has increased production by 30% in recent months, feeding more than 200,000 babies a month, and is working with the Biden administration and the Office of Food and Drug Administration to open a new facility, speed up production and provide more raw materials.

The widespread shortage of formulas caused by pandemic supply chain problems was further exacerbated when Abbott, the largest formula supplier in the United States, was forced to recall several major brands and close manufacturing plant in February ended pollution problems.

Amid concerns about price increases, Sly said Reckitt has not raised prices since Abbott’s recall.

“Not at all,” he said.

For parents can’t find the formula in stores Sly offered to contact their child’s doctor, who may have samples of the mixture that may delay them until the product returns to store shelves. He also suggested looking for different forms of formulas.

“They may not find the exact format or size they normally use for the product. For example, they may not find the powder and they may need to see the liquid version,” he said. “But I can assure them that the food in different formats is the same.”

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