Linda Green was ordered to have no contact with Impact with Hope after she was charged with a felony in 2021. But prosecutors say she turned herself in.

WATERVILLE, Ohio – The former CEO of Waterville-based charity Impact with Hope has been jailed on a parole violation charge.

Linda Green was indicted in February 2021 on five counts of fraud and theft from a charity between January 2011 and November 2018. She was also ordered to have no contact with Impact with Hope.

According to prosecutors, Green has recently made several calls and solicited donations on behalf of the charity.

She was previously out on bail, but is now being held on $75,000 bail.

Green’s trial is set for May 15.

An indictment filed in Wood County Common Pleas Court on Dec. 20, 2018, says Green took $2,913.02 in August 2017. She was charged with fifth-degree larceny.

The theft charges allege Greene defrauded the organization of more than $150,000 in money, services, reimbursements and personal care.

Green has been the public face of Impact With Hope for years. If convicted of all charges, Green faces a maximum sentence of 17 to 21 years in prison.

In February 2019, the Wood County District Attorney’s Office dropped two felony charges against Greene, saying the charges were dropped because she was a person of interest in the expanded investigation.

As reported by the prosecutor’s office at the time, the extended investigation included searches of two facilities of the Impact with Hope company.


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