Amendments to the Ohio Constitution aimed at derailing an abortion rights issue from this fall’s ballot are headed for a vote in August.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – On Friday, a group filed a lawsuit in the Ohio Supreme Court, saying a special elections are scheduled for August is illegal.

Ohio lawmakers agreed to vote in August on a measure that would make it more difficult to amend the state constitution. The vote comes months before an amendment guaranteeing abortion rights will appear on the statewide ballot in November.

He is asking voters to raise the threshold for future constitutional amendments from 50% plus one to 60% supermajority.

The One Man One Vote group claims that the election serves only special interests.

“In our complaint, we’re asking the Ohio Supreme Court to call this election what it is: illegal. Just five months ago, the General Assembly specifically banned all August statewide special elections,” said Dennis Williard, spokesman for One Person One Vote.

An the electoral law was signed in January, canceling most August special elections.

Proponents of the resolution say that it is about protecting the state constitution, while opponents say that it is about taking away the power of the people.

All living ex-governors of the state, former Republican and Democratic attorneys general also oppose the constitutional change, as does the Ohio Libertarian Party.

The lawsuit can be read here.

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