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Photo: Devin Luginbill

The Krone Conservatory is closed for filming on Tuesday.

Another Cincinnati landmark is closing temporarily this week as Hollywood continues its run in the Queen City.

The Cincinnati park announced on social media Sunday that the Krone Conservatory will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 17, for filming.

“There will be no road closures, but the Krohn’s parking lot will be unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.” The Parks Department wrote on Instagram.

Cincinnati Parks knows what movie will be filmed at Kron’s, but they also closed Eden Park on January 4th for filming. However, it is not clear whether it is for the same film or another one.

Arnold’s Bar & Grill in downtown Cincinnati is also closed for six weeks beginning Monday, January 16th for filming. The restaurant hinted that the movie was made by Warner Brothers, writing on social media: “We are not allowed to give details, but the famous rabbit’s employers have rented Arnold for 6 weeks for a big movie!” Warner Brothers currently has a cast and crew in production for The Smarts , starring Robert De Niro and directed by Barry Levinson.

So it is Smart people mystery movie? And are they shooting the same movie at Krone Conservatory and Eden Park? Unfortunately, we may have to wait for the official trailers to find out.

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