Chris Hastings confirmed his resignation to 3News on Monday. It is reported that his assistant coach has also resigned.

MENTAR, Ohio – after an incident involving a Catholic lacrosse player is a swastika on his foot during a recent gamethe head coach of the lacrosse school for boys has resigned.

Chris Hastings has confirmed his resignation from the position of football and lacrosse coach at Lake Catholic Marisa Science with 3News on Monday. Hastings told Science that he is a part-time school and not a teacher. Hastings also told Science that the assistant Catholic lacrosse coach had also resigned.

Parents and staff at Orange High School were outraged that a Lacrosse Catholic player had a swastika painted on his leg when the two schools came together in a match last week.

Orange High School superintendent Lynn Campbell told 3News she wasn’t at the game but heard about the incident the next morning.

on the topic: Lacrosse player at Catholic Catholic High School accused of drawing swastika on leg while playing with Orange

“There was a student with a swastika on his leg, which was noticed by some of our athletes on the field,” Campbell said. “I don’t know how it went unnoticed and seemingly unnoticed for much of the game.”

Hastings told Science that he did not show up for the game until the middle of the first quarter. His assistant coach was there to start the game. Hastings said he didn’t know about the swastika on his player’s leg until the Orange coach told him something at the end of the game.

The Diocese of Cleveland issued the following statement about the incident:

“Administrators of Lake Catholic High School were aware of very serious allegations of anti-Semitism involving a player from the university’s lacrosse school team, as well as a Lake Catholic fan during a game against Orange High School last night. whose propaganda is so hard working Lake Catholic.

“Lake Catholic is currently investigating the case to gather all the facts. Appropriate measures will be taken to resolve this issue once the investigation is completed.

“Lake Catholic and the Diocese of Cleveland condemn anti-Semitism in any form and sincerely apologize to the Orange High School community for the damage they feel as a result of what has been reported.”

3News also received a letter from Lake Catholic President Mark Crowley to the school’s parents and guardians about the incident. (Parents share 3News letter)

“Dear Catholic parents and guardians of the lake!

“I felt it was important to inform you that we received very serious allegations of anti-Semitic behavior involving our boys team of the university lacrosse team as well as a Lake Catholic supporter during the game against Orange High School last night. which Lake Catholic works so diligently.

“Although we are not yet sure what happened, please know that we are currently investigating this issue to gather all the facts. Once the investigation is complete, appropriate measures will be taken to address this issue.

“Meanwhile, we want to clearly condemn anti-Semitism in any form and apologize to the Orange High School community for the damage they are feeling as a result of what has been reported.

“Let me make it clear that we will not tolerate any behavior that seeks to in any way degrade any human being. Recognizing that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God, we expect every member of the Lake Catholic High School Community to follow Christ’s example. at all times.

“We ask you to talk to your disciple to reinforce the importance of seeing God-given dignity of each person and the need to love others with the heart of Christ.

“In the Gospel of John, our Lord Jesus prayed to the Father that we may be one, let us join our prayer to Christ and pray together for an end to all hatred and division in our local community and around the world.

“Mark Crowley, President of Catholic Lake High School”

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