A temporary set of traffic signals has been installed for alternating northbound and southbound traffic on one intact lane of the I-75 overpass at Lime City Road.

ROSSFORD, Ohio – Six days of headaches for drivers in Rossford after an oversized semi driver crashed into a portion of the Lime City Road overpass on I-75 on Friday, leading to the closure of the overpass and the entire northbound lane of the interstate surrounding the crash.

There are many people on the flyover, as it leads to the nearest schools. Rossford Elementary is just south of the overpass. Rossford High School and the Penta Career Center are just north of the overpass. Along with industrial traffic, this stretch of Lime City Road has seen heavy traffic since Friday due to detours related to the accident.

Ohio Department of Transportation crews have begun repairing the damage and were in the area Wednesday morning to clear additional debris on I-75.

Crews worked on the bridge deck for most of the day Wednesday, installing concrete guardrails, guardrails and temporary traffic lights. This will allow one lane of traffic to travel over the bridge, alternating between northbound and southbound traffic, ODOT District 2 Public Information Officer Kelsey Hoagland said.

The one-lane fix is ​​a temporary Band-Aid for the next few months while ODOT works out the design and details of an emergency contract to rebuild the bridge.

“Typically, this process takes years to develop,” Hoagland said. “But hopefully we’ll be waiting eight weeks to get the contract, develop the plans and put the contract out to bid.”

When accidents cause such severe disruption, drivers are generally able to adapt, Rossford Development Director Todd Audette said.

“Usually when you have a situation like this, any construction, traffic finds new ways,” Aude said. “It’s self-leveling. But it’s still an impact, it’s a violation.”

He said this is the second time this particular bridge has been closed due to a bridge strike in the past few years, and it has been an ongoing problem for decades.

The Lime City Road bridge has a 14-foot, 7-inch clearance, which is about a foot lower than most of the other recently rebuilt overpasses over I-75.

With more economic development happening right around the area, Aude said ODOT should take the opportunity to increase the height of this bridge.

“The bridge is narrow, it’s in good condition except for the impact,” Aude said. “So it’s probably not on the radar screen for a replacement, but we’d like to put it on the radar.”

Hoagland said it is possible to increase the height of the bridge.

“Many of the bridges in this corridor, especially those that were recently reconstructed for our I-75 projects, are at a higher elevation,” Hoagland said. “So that could certainly be implemented with this bridge in the future to make it a higher clearance and avoid the problem altogether.”

The one-lane solution will remain in place for the foreseeable future until ODOT completes designs for the repaired bridge and puts that contract out to bid. which will likely take about 8 weeks, Hoagland said.


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