The Mid-Ohio Food Collective needs your help so that no child goes hungry this summer.

GROVE CITY, Ohio – The face of hunger looks different than most people expect.

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five Ohio residents and one in four children estimated Food Safety was estimated to be struggling with food security.

Now that students are looking forward to summer vacation, some parents are wondering what they will feed their families.

No child should be hungry, so the kitchen is in Collective food in mid-Ohio the site in Grove City is usually lively in the morning. Staff and volunteers prepare fresh food daily for our neighbors who need Franklin County, including children.

“In some situations, there is no food at home,” says Sha’Wana Presley-Ranson, director of cooking in a kitchen in mid-Ohio. “Families work, so children don’t always have the opportunity to cook on their own.”

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It is planned that this summer the kitchen will serve at least 1,500 children a day. Presley-Ranson says just because parents can’t afford healthy food doesn’t mean they care less about their children’s well-being.

“Families really care about what they eat and what they bring into their bodies,” she added. “That’s why we are focusing on providing a healthier and more nutritious option for these children.”

During the school year, students have access to a free breakfast and lunch under the “National School Lunch Program,” but in the summer it’s a whole different story.

“Every fourth child lacks food, so these summer feeding places are important. The summer feeding program is important to close this gap, ”Presley-Ranson said.

Once children move from the school year to the summer months, the need for this breakfast and lunch does not disappear.

Another issue that complicates the need is the expiration or impending expiration of emergency health failures due to a pandemic. They allowed families to take home multiple meals at once. There are efforts to extend the waiver for another year, but there are no guarantees.

So the impact of donated dollars, food and time is more impactful than ever. The Mid-Ohio Food Collective needs your help so that no child goes hungry this summer.

WBNS-10TV is proud to work with the Mid-Ohio Food Collective to participate in the summer match.

TODAY ONLY (Wednesday, May 25) donations made by the Mid-Ohio Food Collective will match dollar for dollar! If your gift goes twice as far, MOFC can purchase and distribute more fresh, nutritious food for local families throughout central and eastern Ohio – throughout the summer.

  • Visit
  • Send the text 10GIVES to the number 91999
  • Call in donations starting at 5pm (number will be provided when phone lines are activated).

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