Sylvania City Police say Nicole Jones is the victim of a homicide. They also confirmed that Jones’ body has not been found.

SYLVANIA, Ohio – The Sylvania Police Department believes someone killed 53-year-old Nicole Jones. They said they didn’t find the body, but the community is excited about it homicide investigation nevertheless.

Police said they are working to obtain warrants for at least one suspect. Additionally, WTOL 11 has learned that Jones is connected to a suspect in another crime: She is the mother of 33-year-old Jonathan Jones, who was recently arrested in Mexico for kidnapping a 17-year-old girl from Canton, Ohio. He was wanted out of Wood County for indulging in obscene material and child endangerment.

Just off King Road, between Central Avenue and Bancroft Street, is the Sylvania Timbers Edge Condominium Association, where Nicole Jones lived. 96-year-old Anne Makdede has lived here since 2000, when the apartment was built. She said she loves her community.

“Everyone here is so friendly and nice,” McDede said.

But police believe Jones was murdered, and for McDade it’s almost unbelievable.

The Jones home is one of the first homes drivers see when they enter the community. Neighbors believed that she lived on the edge of the neighborhood for about four years. They described her as private, as no one could recall ever seeing her at social gatherings or at a club.

However, some said they were familiar with Jonathan Jones.

“It’s very sad, it’s upsetting,” McDede said, referring to Jonathan’s arrest. “I’m just glad the young lady is okay.”

Police have not said anything about Jonathan in connection with his mother’s murder.

It’s understandable that the uncertainty of a neighbor’s fate can shake a community, but eight-year resident Kathleen Nightingale doesn’t believe any of the nearly 60 residents plan to pack up and leave in response.

“Either their grown children knew someone who said it was a safe place, or they knew someone themselves,” Nightingale said of why people choose to live in Timbers Edge.

As a former law enforcement officer for more than 25 years, Nightingale said she believes her community is safe. She said that the apartments are mostly owned by elderly people. There are no sidewalks, so there isn’t really any foot traffic except for a few dog walkers. There is only one entrance and exit to the community. And everyone knows everyone, for the most part.

Sylvania Township police expect additional charges will be filed against the suspects in the death of Nicole Jones at a later date. This is an ongoing investigation.

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