Offering local honey for years online at and farmer markets, Cherry City Honey now offers a single honey shop and beekeeping equipment

BELVEU, Ohio – If you’re looking for local honey or maybe thinking about starting a new hobby, Sandusky County has a business that has everything you need.

Six years ago, Tammy Wiley attended a lecture on bees and immediately signed up for beekeeping classes.

And after her husband Gary is on board, their business Cherry Urban Honey there was soon a stir around Sandusky County.

“It only started with one hive, and then by the time my husband came home, I had five, and by the time he got into it, we had 60,” Tammy Wiley said.

“We started with agricultural markets and then it just grew. And now we have a store, and we also have local artisan products in the area, ”Gary Wiley said.

Now in their own showcase they offer cheeses, flavored honey in cream and infusion.

Along with wax candles and local handicrafts, Cherry City Honey is also one window to start your own hobby or beekeeping business.

Together with their new brick and mortar shop every February they hold beekeeping classes for beginners and in summer offer excursions for other local beekeepers.

“It works really well because new beekeepers have a place where they can come to get equipment if they need it, or get answers to any other questions they may have,” Gary said.

Ultimately, people at Cherry City Honey want to spread gratitude for the role of bees in local agriculture.

They hope to be able to not only supply people with local honey, but perhaps also inspire some more beekeepers in the area to pursue this hobby.

“The bee population is much smaller now, your mom and dad don’t have bees in the backyard,” said Jaime Garza, Cherry City Honey’s director of marketing and sales. “And we have to stand up for the bees because no one else will speak for them.”


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