Residents expressed concern at a public hearing Thursday that discharges into Wolf Creek and the East Arm of the Portage River could endanger public health.

FASTORIA, OH – The controversial Sunny Farms Landfill is applying for an amendment to an existing permit with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that would allow for the relocation of two tailings ponds.

Company spokesman Ben Nutter said it is required as part of separate permit applications.

“We will be moving it to make room for our future expansion of the Sunny Farms landfill,” Nutter said.

People expressed concern that discharges into Wolf Creek and the east tributary of the Portage River could endanger human health.

“It’s just crazy that they’re trying to take this before they even know if they’re going to get an extension,” Fostoria resident Nate Heiser said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

But Sunny Farms says the permit change does not pose a health risk to people.

“We understand that citizens want to know they’re safe, and the science says they’re safe,” Nutter said.

Citizens like Heiser hope the Ohio EPA will take their concerns seriously.

“I just hope we get the message out,” Heiser said. “I hope we get enough support. That’s what it’s going to take. It’s just a formality. They know how it works.”

The Ohio EPA will be accepting comments from now until May 18. After reviewing the information, the agency director may decide to approve or deny the permit.

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