The Perrysburg Farmer’s Market begins Thursday. Many other farmers’ markets will open in the next few weeks

PERISBURG, Ohio is a sign that summer is on the way!

Farmer markets are starting to work again, one of which is Perrysburg Farmer’s Market which begins on Thursday.

This year, more than 60 vendors will open a store, which is the highest that has ever been in this farmers market. Vendors include a number of different food trucks, flower shops and other stores from Perrysburg and other neighboring communities.

The event has been especially popular for the past two years, as during the pandemic it was a safe outdoor event.

Organizers of the farmers market say they hope to highlight every business involved this year, a new feature they do online that will hopefully attract more people to the market.

We have a thing called “recommended merchant.” Every week we encourage people to pay attention to who that merchant is, follow their page, and have a chance to win amazing prizes from May to October. There’s a good chance someone will win “We have new suppliers, so we will be optimistic how it goes,” said Christine Best of the Bureau of Conventions and Visitors to Perrysburg.

In addition, live music returns to the market in June, which had to be cut during the pandemic.

“So far we’ve had some pretty good fans! COVID-19 has held back many things. But every week is a new act! And it’s BYOB: ‘bring your own blanket!’ We think there will be good crowds this year.” said Best.

Want more fun at the farmers market? Here are other local farmer markets that will start operating in the next few weeks:

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