The government is sending a critical warning to law enforcement in the light of the draft opinion, which abolishes the constitutional right to abortion.

WASHINGTON – A draft leak Supreme Court Opinions to repeal the constitutional right to abortion have sparked a wave of threats against officials and others and increased the likelihood of extremist violence, according to an internal government report.

Violence can come from either side of the abortion problem or from other types of extremists seeking to exploit tensions, according to a note sent to a local government body from the Office of Intelligence and Analysis of the Department of Homeland Security.

This is an additional element to what is already a volatile situation in the United States, where authorities have repeatedly warned over the past two years that a threat from domestic extremists such as an armed man who carried out a racist attack last weekend in Buffalo. surpassed the danger from abroad.

A note dated May 13, received Wednesday by the Associated Press, draws a distinction between illegal activity and intense but lawful outpouring of protests, which is virtually guaranteed if the Supreme Court rules at the end of its term this summer, regardless. the result.

“DHS is committed to protecting American freedom of speech and other civil and civil liberties, including the right to peaceful protest,” the agency said in a written response to questions about the note.

These protests can escalate into violent ones. The note warns that people “with a wide range of different … ideologies are trying to justify and inspire attacks against abortion and ideological opponents during legitimate protests.”

The violence associated with the abortion debate will not be unprecedented and will not necessarily be limited to one side or the other, the note said.

Opponents of abortion have committed at least 10 murders, as well as dozens of arson and bombings of medical facilities in their long campaign to repeal Rowe against Wade.

DHS said there is also potential for violence on the other hand, citing recent damage to buildings used by abortion opponents in Wisconsin and Oregon.

“Historically, violent acts related to this problem were primarily perpetrated by violent abortion-related extremists who opposed abortion rights,” the statement said. “Further complaints related to restrictions on access to abortion may lead to violence by abortion-related violent extremists and others” (domestic violent extremists).

It was noted that during the incident in Wisconsin, the building was set on fire, and the perpetrators left graffiti with the words “If abortion is not safe (then you are not safe).

The leak of opinion this month has caused a “significant increase” in threats through social media of Supreme Court judges, members of Congress and other government officials, as well as clergy and health workers, the note said.

At least 25 of these threats were sent to law enforcement for further investigation.

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