TALEDA, Ohio – More than two years from now implementation of a zero fare policy as a security measure against the coronavirus, the Toledo Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) has released a structure to update tariffs, starting with a pilot program that is set to begin on Monday, August 1st.

TARTA was one of the first public transport agencies in the country to suspend fares in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has not levied fares since March 2020.

In preparation for the start of tariff collection, TARTA conducted a tariff study in which it analyzed the structure of government tariffs for COVID-19; conducted a state and national peer review and best practices; and tariff targets for simplification, alignment, accessibility and modernization. The results of the study were presented at a meeting of the TARTA Board of Trustees on May 19.

The simplified TARTA tariff structure adds a day pass that can be purchased on board or in local locations where day passes to COVID-19 were only available through EZfare app. It also expands the types of riders eligible for discounted fares, including veterans and the military.

The daily subscription is reduced from 5 to 3 dollars. The 7-day season ticket remains the same ($ 15) and the 30-day season ticket remains at $ 60 to $ 45.


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