TAMPA, Fla. — Twenty animals were rescued Friday from the Hardee County Animal Shelter.

U Facebook post The Tampa Bay Humane Society, a shelter, announced that it had taken six dogs and 14 kittens from Bowling Green Animal Control in Hardy County.

The report says the Hardee County Shelter was flooded after Hurricane Jan and help was called.

A volunteer came and rescued all the animals from the shelter.

“Our hearts and thoughts are with our neighbors to the south and the devastation they experienced from Hurricane Jan,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post. “We are so grateful to be able to take in these homeless pets and get them adopted soon.”

Hurricane Ian swept through the state as a category 4 thunderstorm wednesday, causing devastating floods, storm surges and destruction, especially in coastal communities.

Rescue efforts continued over the weekend in the area hardest hit by Hurricane Yang as state officials gathered data for search efforts. Coast Guard crews continued to fly around the area to look for people who are in distress.