LIMA – One of the two trials, which is due to begin in Allen County Court after the upcoming Remembrance Day weekend, has been adjourned indefinitely due to 11 a.m. awareness of a conflict of interest by one of the attorneys.

The trial of 31-year-old Tarokis Greer of Lima was postponed during a hearing Wednesday morning before Judge Jeffrey Reed, who said he had only learned of a “new discovery” in Greer’s case the day before.

Attorney Carol Creighton of the Allen County Office of Public Defenders apologized to the courts and prosecutors after realizing he had briefly introduced Greer’s co-defendant, Durand Tyson, during a preliminary hearing at the beginning of Tyson’s case. Creighton asked permission from the Office of Public Defenders to resign as Greer’s lawyer to avoid a conflict of interest.

Reed agreed that it would be unfair for Greer and Tyson to hire an office of public defenders. The judge appointed Lima’s lawyer, Zach Maish, to take over Greer’s case and overturned the trial, which was due to begin on Tuesday.

Another high-profile case is scheduled for trial the same day the jury will hear the case of juvenile murder suspect Janaz Smith.

Greer is charged with one count of aggravated theft and two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated assault.

The indictment alleges that on or about July 12, 2021, Greer entered an occupied facility with people inside and was carrying firearms at the time. The criminal assault charge alleges that Greer inflicted or attempted to cause physical harm to Jason High and Jody Troy during the incident.

On the evening of July 12, 2021, Lima police were sent to the 1600 quarter on West Wayne Street due to a possible shooting. Officers learned that there were shots in the living space, but according to court records, no one was injured during the apparent robbery.

Tyson reportedly was talking to Troy and another resident of the house, Rob Blevins, and Greer was sitting in the next room. Tyson then accompanied Troy to the basement, and Greer went upstairs to where Hai slept. Blevins told police he then heard the shot and fled into the street. Troy heard the same shot and came out of the basement to see what had happened. When Troy entered the first floor, she felt a gun in her back, and she was ordered to land. Shortly afterwards, she was hit in the head with a weapon and a second shot was fired. Blevin was also killed with a weapon, according to court records.

The jury trial of Tarokis Greer, which was due to begin on Tuesday in the Allen County Court, has been postponed indefinitely due to a conflict of interest between one of the lawyers.

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