The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the White House canceling egg buns in 2020 and 2021, but tens of thousands are expected to attend this year.

Washington – Easter White House Roll returns for the first time since coronavirus pandemic.

Under a rainy sky on Monday, President Joe Biden and his wife Jill hosted about 30,000 children and adults at an event the first lady called an “egg roll”.

Jill Biden tweeted that Monday would be a “magical day filled with EGGucation”.

The COVID-19 pandemic led the White House cancel the egg roll in 2020 and 2021. But this year egg-rolling is back as an outbreak of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths facilitated.

And the first lady that is professor of public collegeturned South Lawn into a school community with various educational stations.

In addition to the egg bun and egg hunt, the all-day event includes a school area for classes, a reading corner, a talent show, a place to train in agriculture, a photography station, a physical zone for the “egg training” obstacle course, and a “cafeteria” where children learn to make treats.

Tonight Show presenter Jimmy Fallon, singer Ciara and actor-singer Christine Chenavet will add a splash of celebrity to the “egg dish”.

More than two dozen costumed characters will also be on hand, including The Cat in Dr. Seuss’ Hat, Racing Presidents mascots for the Washington National Baseball League, Rosita and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and Snoopy and Charlie Brown, among others.

The event began around 7 a.m., and the first of five waves of people, including children dressed in Easter best, passed through the gates of the White House.

The Easter roll of the White House dates back to 1878.

The resumption of this Easter tradition is a sign that the White House, despite this, is reopening the recent surge in COVID-19 cases among cabinet members, White House staff, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband and members of Congress, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Some of these cases have been related to the return this month of the Gridiron Club spring dinner.

Self-guided, public tours of the executive estate is scheduled to resume on Friday on a limited basis after they were also stopped in 2020 due to a pandemic.

The Easter roll of the White House dates back to 1878.

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