Sheikh Sarr, 21, has been arrested and charged with several counts.

Picoway County, Ohio – The Whitehall man is facing several charges after leading law enforcement officers chased him in Picaway County.

According to the Ohio State Road Patrol, a police officer found on Saturday a 2011 Honda Accord that was moving at 86 miles per hour on State Highway 23 near Pittsburgh Road.

The Accord driver, identified as 21-year-old Sheikh Sar, did not stop and the chase began. The soldiers tried to use spikes, but they didn’t work, and Sar ran at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour.

During the chase, four Pickway County sheriffs, two units of the Searkville Police Department and several soldiers were in pursuit.

The OSHP said Sar crossed the middle of US 23 near Hagerty Road and knocked down a deputy’s car. Sarah drove across the field on US-23 and Little Walnut Road.

Sarah then drove north on Little Walnut Road, where he was blocked by law enforcement after passing Cromley Road.

About 15 minutes after Sar was placed in the rear of the paratrooper cruiser, he began vomiting and having seizures. The soldiers pulled Sarah out of the cruiser and received four doses of Narkan.

Sarr was taken to Berger Hospital, where officials said he had an anaphylactic reaction to taking codeine cough syrup during the harassment. The reaction caused his throat to close almost completely.

Sarr is in Picaway County Jail and is charged with OVI, possession of marijuana drugs, disobeying a police order, speeding, driving without a valid license, not wearing a seat belt and reckless actions. He also has a criminal warrant from Bexley for forgery.

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