Jen Lee, a member of the U.S. men’s national ice hockey team, says he was having dinner when someone broke into his car and stole medals.

SAN ANTONIA – The gold medals of the Paralympic champion were stolen in San Antonio this weekend, but the medals were restored a day after a huge public reaction.

A video that went viral shows how on Saturday night a man crashes into a car and steals a backpack with three gold medals. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus on Sunday afternoon tweeted that backpack and medals were found.

It happened in The Rim’s garage on the northwest side this weekend. The Paralympian’s call for help in finding the suspect on social networks provoked a mixed response.

A month after winning gold in Beijing, U.S. men’s hockey track and field goalkeeper Jen Lee wanted to share his achievements with friends. He was going to visit a friend to show his three (consecutive) gold medals.

“We are very lucky that our team won another gold … Usually I will show the latest, but since I have three, I thought it was very cool,” said Lee.

During dinner on Saturday night at about 19:15 – cameras on Tesla Tesla captured a man who broke into his car.

There was no backpack or medals inside.

“I was definitely a little shocked, a little dumbfounded and all that, and even laughed at what else life would throw at me these days?” said Lee.

Lee, a U.S. Army veteran who had his left leg amputated above the knee due to a motorcycle accident, plays locally for the San Antonio Rampage.

His Twitter and Facebook reports of the hacking garnered more than a million views, including San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, who said the video was passed on to the SAPD Fusion Center.

“The next thing you know, it’s blown up. So I’m grateful for the love and continued support because people know it’s a deeper meaning than just a medal or a car breakthrough, ”Lee said.

Lee says he can’t get angry at the situation and understands that people are doing certain things to survive.

Lee hopes the man who did it understands why medals mean so much.

“Actually it’s more than just a gold medal, it’s more of a value, everything behind it. Leave it somewhere, throw it in the police station. I will keep the medals, and you can leave the backpack, everything is fine, ”Lee asks.

KENS 5 also contacted The Rim’s management team for a response and we expect from them.

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