WTOL 11 turned to City Hall to see what he would be talking about. But residents have their own opinions, voicing what they think it should cover.

TALEDA, Ohio – Mayor Wade Kapshukevich to address Toledo residents in his annual address on the state of the city Wednesday night.

It was a speech where he advertised road projects, the Toledo business sector and the reconstruction of the city center in the past.

WTOL 11 turned to Kapshukevich’s office to see what his views would be, we did not receive a response.

But residents have their own opinions, saying that he needs to cover.

This may not come as a surprise, but every person WTOL11 has spoken to says they are concerned about the violence in the city.

“Violence is very important,” said resident Annie Walker.

“Crime is a big topic for the northern edge,” said ONE Village Council President Alfonso Narvaez.

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They say they want to know if this topic is important for the mayor, as well as for them, because they want peace of mind. And now they do not have it.

More than half of the 17 murders so far in 2022 have occurred in the last month, including three juveniles killed by gunfire.

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“In my area in four weeks we had three murders and a family situation. crime is a big situation now in our community, ”Narvaes said.

As the mayor prepares for his speech, Toledo residents want to know how he is going to address this public concern.

Too many people, especially young people, are said to be dying in the vicinity of Toledo.

“I’m always looking for something that little kids could join. Maybe to divert their minds from things that don’t appeal to them that cause violence, ”Walker said.

City officials say people need to speak up when they see something. But residents say it will not happen until people in power, such as council members, the mayor and police officers, spend more time in neighborhoods that need help.

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“They expect the neighbors to tell. They won’t tell them. If they come out and make some changes, maybe,” said resident Thomas Watts. “Try to make friends with people and children who are in the neighborhood, maybe they will. They see a lot.”

The city’s state address is not open to the public, but it will be broadcast online.

You will be able to watch it on our WTOL 11 channel on YouTube and here on our website.



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