Police have installed stationary number readers around the city to help identify vehicles.

TALEDA, Ohio – Toledo has 25 new license plate readers, and law enforcement plans to start using them this month.

The plate readers are stationary and located in various locations throughout the city.

They will record images of cars and numbers from street views.

Toledo Police said the cameras are not designed to monitor traffic violations or to view inside vehicles.

“They only give a description of the vehicle for the purpose of the investigation,” the TPD sergeant said. Said Tom Laforge. “We can watch them to see if we can see a vehicle in the area that could be linked to a crime for further investigation.”

Police believe plaque readers can help uncover violent crimes. TPD investigators will have access to them.

Readers should not confuse numbers with city security cameras at a red light. That program is on hold while officials await a court decision on their legality.

In 2018 Rosford also began to use a license plate reader. The department attached the device to one of the patrol cars of the Rosford Police Department.

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