City planners held an interactive workshop for community members to provide input into the government’s comprehensive plan for the next 10-20 years.

TOLEDO, Ohio is a city in ToledoToledo ahead“On Thursday, the land use plan took another step towards reality.

The city held its latest in a series of interactive workshops where community members could offer ideas about what they want to see in the city’s residential, commercial and industrial spaces in the next 10 to 20 years.

“It’s kind of a culmination,” said Josh Lewandoski, senior planner for the Toledo-Lucas County Planning Commission. “We held some public workshops in the fall, and this is the last chance for people to weigh in.”

Eduardo Adams, a member of the group Save Our Community and a former participant in the violence. wants the city to have a plan aimed at improving safety and providing activities for children.

“Just make the city safer,” Adams said. “More jobs for youth and more activities for youth in terms of recreation.”

Member Sue Terrill said much of the focus should be on fixing empty, blighted properties.

“I’m very concerned about all the vacancies,” Terrill said. “Not only the vacant spaces between the houses, but the housing stock has deteriorated so much. It makes the neighborhood not a healthy and happy place.”

Adams and Terrill ultimately hope the city will take all of their suggestions seriously and incorporate their ideas into the final plan.

“Without citizen participation, they’re going to have to trust that the government has made the right decisions for them,” Terrill said.

The commission will present the draft to the public later this summer and take additional feedback before settling on a final design, which the commission will present to the Toledo City Council for adoption in November.

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