The Gateway Vistula project has invested millions of dollars over the years in creating new commercial and business space that is growing in one of Toledo’s oldest neighborhoods.

TOLEDO, OH – Privislin historical district is one of Toledo’s oldest neighborhoods and is known as the gateway to downtown. So, the developers are working on its revival.

Developers have invested millions in new commercial and business space to connect the old with the new.

Rob Kelleghan, Principal Broker of Signature Associates Real Estate Agency, has supported Vistula County for years with the help of Drew McCallum and Matt Nachtrab, who used their deep roots in Toledo to help with Vistula Gateway Project.

The project helped transform Old Westminster into the headquarters of IT consultancy Nemsys.

The project also opened up alleys to create an entertainment area and preserved historic buildings to turn them into commercial spaces.

Kellgan said people thought he was crazy for wanting to invest in the Vistula Historic District, but he said it has come a long way.

“The number of inquiries we’re getting is because of external changes, because people are actually pouring money in and seeing it spent and ready to go,” Kelleghan said.

The neighborhood has received less and less attention over the years, Kelleghan said, because the Wislin area’s median household income is just $11,000.

But the area is now receiving the $20 million it needs in state and federal grants to help with growth.

“It’s been really exciting to see developers come in, buy these homes, rent them out to people in the community, give them a clean, safe, affordable place to live,” Kelleghan said.

Toledo City Councilwoman Carrie Hartman moved into the Wonder Bread loft in Wisla a few years ago and said she’s thrilled to be able to foster growth while living in the middle of it.

“It’s very exciting to see these private dollars move downtown to the Vistula area,” Hartman said.

She is comfortable where she is and what she has, but she looks forward to seeing new things around her. She and other residents would like to see more retail space, grocery stores and pharmacies.

“It’s a fun area to live in and there’s so much history. It’s beautiful,” Hartman said.

Toledo Metropark also plans to begin a third phase of the Glass City Metropark expansion along the river in the Vistula area, but Kelleghan said it’s still up in the air about what that will entail.

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