Twitter is restructuring its top management, showing a series of tweets and an internal note by CEO Parag Agraval. A note received by The Verge emphasizes that Twitter is releasing consumer goods leader Kaiwon Bakepour and head of revenue Bruce Falk. Both key positions were directly related to Twitter’s functions and revenues, and the note highlights that Jay Sullivan, a former Facebook CEO who joined in November 2021 as vice president of consumer products, will lead Bluebird, Twitter’s consumer products team. . Sullivan will also follow Goldbird, a Twitter team that creates profitable products. Twitter also plans to freeze new hires; however, the note states that dismissals (yet) are not planned.

New changes took place in a few weeks announced that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will acquire a platform for microblogging. It remains unclear whether his takeover was relevant to recent decisions. Meanwhile, Agraval remains the company’s CEO until a formal takeover deal is concluded. A report Earlier this week, it was revealed that Musk could temporarily head Twitter, but for now this is just speculation.

What the internal note says

An internal note published by The Verge emphasizes that Twitter also freezes hiring and backfilling, “except for business-important roles defined by employees in partnership with their HRBP.” Agraval assures that the company is not “planning layoffs across the company, but leaders will continue to make changes to their organizations to increase efficiency as needed.”

Agraval, who came to power late last year after the dramatic exit of Jack Dorsey from the company, adds that he will continue to talk frequently and directly with employees about future changes.

The note reads: “Next week [we] will hold a virtual field meeting with our Global Leadership Team (GLT) to foster further cohesion and focus, and strengthen our collective plans to best support all of you. We will inform you about the results of this meeting. “

What Kaiwon Bakepur and Bruce Falk said after leaving Twitter

Twitter consumer goods leader Kaiwon Bakepur said on Twitter that he was leaving the company after seven years of service. He clarified that he had been asked to leave the company by CEO Agraval. His tweet reads: “Although I’m disappointed, I’m comforted by a few things: I’m PROFESSIONALLY proud of what our team has achieved over the past few years, and my own contribution to this journey.”

Twitter’s general revenue manager and product manager for his business side Bruce Falk also confirmed his departure on Twitter.

Agrawal responded to the tweets of both former employees and thanked them for creating the platform.

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