Adam Conley, 37, has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault and threatening after the incident.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Last Friday afternoon, customers at the Original Sub Shop at the intersection of Broadway and Knapp streets in south Toledo found their attention diverted from their food when they saw an incident outside quickly escalate.

Toledo police confirmed to WTOL 11 that one vehicle collided with another in the wing. But the driver of the crashed vehicle did not get out of the car with insurance, but got out with a weapon, police say.

Jess Wegert, an eyewitness who was in the subway at the time, took a video of the incident. She claimed that 37-year-old Adam Conley walked back and forth after the crash with a gun in his hand, occasionally pointing it at the people who hit his car.

“It was very scary because he was pointing right in their faces and seemed to be in a fit of rage, so I was a little afraid that something was going to happen to them,” Wegert said.

TPD was on the way after receiving the 911 call.

While firearms are fairly common on calls TPD responds to, critical officers rely on their firearms and de-escalation training to safely defuse a situation, said Lt. Paul Davis, TPD public information officer.

In body camera video of the incident, officers arrived at the scene brandishing AR-15s and repeatedly yelling at Conley to “drop the gun.” He quickly complied and officers rushed in and handcuffed him.

Conley was charged with aggravated assault and threatening and pleaded not guilty.

No one was injured, in part because TPD officers are preparing for a variety of scenarios they might respond to, including the Conley case, Davis said.

“We train for these scenarios,” Davis said. “We have verbal de-escalation training and firearms training that go hand in hand.”

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